What does it take to be a Level 7 Leader?

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A Level 7 Leader acts fearlessly, creates effortlessly, and approaches all situations with objective clarity and non-judgment.

They are consistently living in their "Zone of Genius", tapping into a state of absolute passion, flow and performing at the top of their game.

Want to know something?
You’re already a Level 7 Leader. 

You just have no idea how to manage your energy.

Your colleague says something “off” and it gets stuck in your brain for days.
When you engage with your stakeholders you worry that they’re going to find out you’re not a real “business person”.
Your Netflix Syndrome is becoming a real problem.
You lost the bid for a recent contract and your inner critic has a field day.

Managing your energy means clearing out your mind junk. This means: 

Retraining unhelpful habits.
Examining and reshaping limiting beliefs. 
Keeping your inner critic from joining you at dinner. 
Knowing which of the 6 energy influencers most affect your mood. 
Creating a clear understanding of how your body plays a role in it all. 

Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill for managing your energy.

It all starts with self-cultivation. 

With self-cultivation, you can learn to be fully aware and engaged. You can commit to producing extraordinary results while being unattached to any specific outcome. You become driven by absolute passion, completely energized by what you are doing regardless of the task. 

You start approaching situations with objectivity and complete clarity. Your north star shifts from fear to love, and you begin to make decisions from a balanced place of the head, heart and gut. You gradually master the ability to be unshakeable in any circumstance because you know you are the creator of your life.

Best of all, you experience life as a big, fun game.

This is a Level 7 Leader. 

Want to know how to tap into your full leadership potential?

Here are some resources to get you started:


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