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We have put a lot of thought into leadership, social-impact, the human condition, and the future of our species.

Sometimes we write those things down and share them with the world.

What does it take to be a Level 7 Leader?

(3 min read)

A Level 7 Leader acts fearlessly, creates effortlessly, and approaches all situations with objective clarity and non-judgment.

They are consistently living in their "Zone of Genius", tapping into a state of absolute passion, flow and performing at the top of their game.

Want to know something?
You’re already a Level 7 Leader. 

You just have no idea how to manage your...

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Embodied Energy Approach: Transformative learning that sticks

(8 min read)

Traditional approaches to training and development have you learn lots of great concepts... until the day you find yourself struggling to remember that tool you picked up in that half-day webinar masterclass training thing...only to spend more time and money trying to relearn things you've already heard.

This cognitive-first approach is outdated and ineffective because it neglects...

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Are you an anabolic or catabolic leader?

(7 min read)

Your energy (aka, your attitude) dictates how you show up in the world, and your energy is dictated by your perceptions and beliefs of the world, others and yourself.

Depending on how you perceive a given situation you are going to experience a mix of two kinds of energy: Catabolic and Anabolic energy.

Catabolic energy is characterized by destructive, contracting, stressful energy....

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