We exist to facilitate the emergence of a new kind of leader.

One that is aware, embodied, fearless, connected and energized in their mission to build a world that works for everyone.
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Our Work


Traditional approaches to training and development have you learn lots of great concepts... until the day you find yourself struggling to remember that tool you picked up in that half-day webinar masterclass training thing...before you know it you’re spending time and money trying to relearn things you've already heard.

This cognitive-first approach is outdated and ineffective because it neglects an important source of wisdom - your body.

Our one-of-a-kind Embodied Energy Approach unleashes your leadership by facilitating awareness of your mind, body and the connection between the two. All to lead you through a transformative process that gets at the core of how you're BEING instead of only focusing on what you're DOING.

It's time to live, breath and embody what it means to be "leader".


Meet the Co-Founders

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Laura Banks

Mindset Alchemist, Energy Specialist

Laura knows that one's ability to manage their energy will ultimately dictate their success in business (and in life). As an Associate Certified Coach with the ICF and long-term meditator, Laura is committed to empowering the world's future leaders to integrate their body and master their mindset to tackle the world's biggest challenges.

When she isn't working, you'll find her out in nature, coaxing stray cats and obsessing over tiny homes.

Jonathan Miller 

High-Performance Maestro, Communication Expert

Jonathan believes that the most important tool a leader has is their ability to communicate. He has done extensive training in several modalities including Nonviolent Communication, the Harvard Negotiation Project, NLP, Landmark Worldwide, and more.

In his spare time, he loves going rock climbing, eating Thai food and nerding out about his favourite fantasy novels.

We believe...

Business has the power to change the world
Entrepreneurship is a spiritual pursuit
Leaders are made, not born
Effective leadership starts with leading oneself
Leadership is not a title, position or authority; it's a way of being
Everyone is leading all of the time (whether they realize it or not)
Sustainable leadership comes from the heart, not from fear
The way you show up in anything is the way you show up in everything

Our values...

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We are committed to living our values and walking our talk.

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Life is short. If you can't have fun doing it, what's the point?

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We're all about keeping it real and being fully self-expressed. 

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A true partnership mindset unlocks unparalleled levels of trust, collaboration and creativity.

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Inspiring a sense of awe and wonder is a great way to live, isn't it?

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In order to create a compassionate world, we need to harness the power of love.

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We are deeply committed to dismantling oppressive systems that foster disconnection and hate.

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Communication is our greatest tool to creating the relationships and world we want to live in.

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