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We help purpose-driven leaders and their teams bust through glass ceilings and unleash their potential so that their missions and businesses flourish.

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Bulletproof Mindset

Eradicate doubt, become a master decision-maker and say goodbye to that stubborn imposter syndrome...FOREVER.

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Productivity and Focus

Delegating, processes, leading, oh my! Learn essential tools that will have you working smarter. 

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Communicate Like a Boss

Create a culture of clear communication and transparency while maintaining authentic relationships—want to know our communication secrets?

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Confidence and Presence

Dial-up your ability to engage and inspire others—have them be a "yes" to support you in the impact you are creating. 


Whichever track speaks to you most, we need you to know something...

Your energy affects EVERYTHING.

What do we mean by "Energy"?

To put it simply, your energy is the way you show up in the world. It's your vibe, how you embody an attitude, it's your way of being.

And your energy is directly influenced by your core thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. Like a pair of tinted shades, your energy colours your world and filters your experience of work and of life. 

That's why our work focuses on partnering with you to reshape the way you think and act towards your circumstances so that you're leading yourself and others more effectively than you ever thought you could - all in the track that matters to you most.

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Are you a catabolic or anabolic leader?

There are two main categories of energy that influence your ability to lead effectively and adapt gracefully in times of change:

Anabolic energy - creative, solution-focused, flowing, physically expansive energy.

Catabolic energy - forceful, problem-focused, stressful, contracting energy.

At any given time, anabolic or catabolic energy is influencing the way you make decisions, perceive challenges and nurture relationships.

What kind of energy is colouring your world?


What is a Level 7 leader?

A Level 7 Leader acts fearlessly, creates effortlessly, and approaches all situations with objective clarity and nonjudgment.

They are consistently living in their "Zone of Genius", tapping into a state of absolute passion, flow and performing at the top of their game.

Want to know what it takes to be a Level 7 Leader?

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The Leadership Gap

A podcast of unboring conversations and practical tools intended to have you bridge your own leadership gaps.


Level 7 Toolkit

Free resources to help you build resilience and take on the world's to-do list! Because, we love you. 


Level 7 Monthly

A newsletter of compelling stories, points of view and leadership lessons all in support of leaving you inspired and unleashed. 


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