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Together, we'll zoom out to thoroughly evaluate and measure current gaps in your leadership ability.

We do that with the Energy Leadership Index™ assessment - i.e., rocket fuel for your self-awareness.


We set the foundations with a 2-week training sprint to provide you with breakthrough insights and practical tools to ensure that you progress with maximum velocity.


Choose a specialty track to hone in on your most urgent needs.

This phase is focused on co-creating tailored solutions for the things you're dealing with RIGHT NOW while producing highly sustainable, long-term results.

First, we assess your leadership gaps

As an individual, you view the world through filters based on your core thoughts, beliefs and perceptions — these filters either limit what you see (like tunnel vision) or expand it (like a prism). 

When you gain awareness of these filters and understand how they affect how you show up, you gain new levels of clarity and uncover new actions that help you step into your full potential as a leader in your business and in your life.

The best part is, we use a tool that applies actual metrics to your filters, to assesses how they’re influencing your results - this is the magic of the Energy Leadership Index™ assessment (ELI). The ELI is unlike any other assessment because it measures your attitude (rather than your personality) and puts numerical values to 7 different types of energy a person can experience and express in any given moment. It truly is rocket fuel for your self-awareness and is a flashlight for new areas of growth.


"I took an Energy Leadership Index Assessment and it completely changed things for me. I was shown how my reactions and attitudes throughout different areas of my life were affecting me and Laura helped reveal how my responses to events could change. Suddenly, I was no longer controlled by emotions or insecurities; instead, I was able to simply observe them and I could choose how to respond to them."

Portrait of Corey D. (white male) from Portland, OR

Then, we make a plan

Building on this new level of awareness, the next week of your coaching program will focus on setting you up to take action on creating your vision.

We'll also introduce you to perspective-shifting principles and tools that lay a foundation for the work we will do together, priming shifts in attitude that will positively impact your work and your life. 


"I hired Laura to help me find more focus and flow with my work, and what I got was so much more. She has a way to dig deep on what's at the heart of the challenges I'm facing. She always brings her 'A' game and expects that from me. We move fast, and I've had lots of results to show for this in my life and business. I've experienced better health and balance in my life, more productivity and flow overall."

Portrait of Elan M. (white male) from Toronto Ontario

Finally, we dive deep

With our solid foundation of new perspectives and tools, you will feel unstoppable when it comes to mastering your track.

Each track is specifically designed to target the most common needs of purpose-driven leaders.

Though there are guiding principles we'll follow, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. That’s why before you choose a track we will partner with you to co-design a coaching experience that is laser-focused on your unique needs to achieve the results you want.

Choose your coaching track...

Bulletproof Mindset

Eradicate doubt, become a master decision-maker and say goodbye to that stubborn imposter syndrome... FOREVER.

Productivity and Focus

Delegating, processes, leading, oh my! Learn essential tools that will have you working smarter.

Communicate Like a Boss

Create a culture of clear communication and transparency while maintaining authentic relationships.

Confidence and Presence

Dial-up your ability to engage and inspire others—have them be a "yes" to support you in the impact you are creating. 

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