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The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

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So much support and resourcing is available to social entrepreneurs but it has become evident to us that something is missing...

Getting down to business

We spend a lot of time and money on training and developing founders in what we'll call "business acumen":

  • How do they validate their market?

  • How do they create a minimum viable product?

  • How do they craft the perfect pitch?

These are critical skills to learn as an entrepreneur, but it is only one half of the picture to create a successful venture.

Asian woman in business suit with a shadow in the shape of super woman
Asian woman in business suit with a shadow in the shape of super woman

The other half of the picture involves a whole set of different questions that typically go ignored, and that's also where things get spicy:

  • What’s their relationship to failure?
  • What do they do if they're having a conflict with their co-founder?
  • How do they keep focused at work if they're having difficulties at home?

Social impact founders and their stakeholders have made launching successful businesses their primary focus while mostly band-aiding the support and work that is needed to create resilient and adaptable leaders. 

This leads to more failed businesses, money lost, and high burnout rates for social entrepreneurs. 

This is The Leadership Gap.

"While the changemakers are finding solutions to some of the most intricate issues facing humanity today, they are facing a host of strenuous challenges themselves. On one hand they are experiencing increasing levels of burnout and stress coupled with high rates of depression and the early onset of chronic illness. On the other hand, they are encountering distress within personal and professional relationships."

- Severns Guntzel, J. & Murphy Johnson, N. 2020. Wellbeing Inspires Welldoing: How Changemakers’ Inner Wellbeing Influences Their Work [Report].
Retrieved from bit.ly/TWPreport2020

White man and light-skinned black woman standing back to back in thought with a colourful painted brain filled with gears floating above

Bridging The Leadership Gap

It is quickly becoming clear that yesterday's tools and resources are insufficient to support the development of the leaders of tomorrow.

What’s needed is a reexamination of what it will take to lead in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.


We think Amanda Blake, Master Somatic Leadership Coach, put it best:

“Exemplary leadership emerges [...] from a way of being that is effective, consistent, committed, and trustworthy. One’s primary source of power as a leader – what makes others want to follow – comes not from position or rank or technique, but from the qualities that enable a leader to connect, inspire, and engage. These are personal qualities, and developing them requires developing oneself. By definition, then, expanding your ability to influence and shape the future requires self-cultivation.”

A. Blake, C. Johnson (2009). Leadership and Somatic Intelligence: Creating a Sustainable Future. Retrieved from bit.ly/2YZOk5j

The interesting part about this support gap is that entrepreneurs around the world are actually ASKING for it to be filled.

Research has shown that making coaching and leadership development available to them has made the most difference in accelerator programs around the world.

It's clear that more and more youth are seeing the importance of leadership development in their efforts to take on the world’s toughest problems.

White man and light-skinned black woman standing back to back in thought with a colourful painted brain filled with gears floating above

"Governments and donors are recommended to engage with new approaches to leadership, modelled by young people, as a pathway to rebuilding and renewing our societies."

-Allen, K., Almario, J., Beek, M., Calarco, D., Devine, B., Gonzalez, E., Inguanti-Pledger, L., Menia, R., Morgen, M. E., Mwale, L., Sarker, A. Zhang, T. (2020). Resilient Realities: How youth civil society is experiencing and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Global Overview. Published by Restless Development, Recrear and the Development Alternative.
Retrieved from bit.ly/2JeYXMW

Creating resilient and adaptable leaders

At Level 7 Leadership, we're committed to ushering in a new paradigm of leadership for a more sustainable future.

For founders, this looks like:

  • Not being worried about making mistakes, knowing that failure is part of the process
  • Managing conflicts within their team with ease
  • Knowing how to manage, regulate and express their emotions, allowing them to stay focused and productive at work
  • Knowing how to delegate without issue
  • Avoiding burning out, staying energized and remaining aligned to their goals
  • Understanding how to balance persistence and grit with flexibility 

Asian woman in business suit with a shadow in the shape of super woman
Asian woman in business suit with a shadow in the shape of super woman

For you, this looks like:

  • Entrepreneurs who can maintain momentum in their business, regardless of the circumstances

  • Less difficult conversations and more time spent envisioning an exciting, new future

  • Fewer concerns around founders feeling burnt out and dropping out of programs

  • Lower business failure rates and increased ROI on the support you provide

  • Supporting entrepreneurs who are feeling satisfied and fulfilled while running a thriving organization

Most importantly, we see a huge opportunity for the world under this new paradigm of what it takes to run a business.

When social entrepreneurs succeed, their communities transform, sustainable long-term solutions to the world’s toughest problems thrive, and a new possibility emerges: the possibility of creating a world that works for everyone.

It's time to bridge The Leadership Gap.

Asian woman in business suit with a shadow in the shape of super woman

"Nobody really knows what the world and the job market will look like in 2040, hence nobody knows what to teach young people today. Consequently, it is likely that most of what you currently learn at school will be irrelevant by the time you are 40. So what should you focus on? My best advice is to focus on personal resilience and emotional intelligence."

-Yuval Noah Harari, as appears in the book Ferriss, T., 2017 Tribe Of Mentors.


How we develop leaders:


Certified by the International Coaching Federation, we provide both individual and group coaching experiences

Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment

This attitudinal assessment is designed to identify leadership gaps and boost levels of self-awareness


Whether it's a workshop, webinar or anything in between, we focus on high engagement, long-lasting and impactful delivery

Creative Solutions

From Whatsapp challenges to scavenger hunts, we love partnering with organizations to create tailored solutions

Our Work 

Traditional approaches to training and development have founders learn lots of great concepts... until the day they find themselves struggling to remember that tool they picked up in that half-day webinar masterclass training thing...and find themselves spending time and money trying to relearn things they've already heard.

This cognitive-first approach is outdated and ineffective because it neglects an important source of wisdom - the body.

Our one-of-a-kind Embodied Energy Approach unleashes their leadership by facilitating awareness of their mind, body and the connection between the two. All to lead them through a transformative process that gets at the core of how they're BEING instead of tackling what they're DOING.

We help them evolve by supporting them to live, breathe and embody what it means to be "leader" - all within the leadership track that matters to them most.

Asian woman in business suit with a shadow in the shape of super woman

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