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Maya F. 

Artist. Entrepreneur. Activist.

When we first started working with Maya, motivation was the missing factor. Despite a growing to-do list and clarity on where she wanted to go next, something was stopping her from taking action.

In our work together, she created structures to turn up the dial on her motivation and got to work.

Having the support of a coach allowed her to navigate a move to another country and establish a successful business there. She also consistently feels less overwhelmed day-to-day and is easily able to find time for herself and strategize for the long-term--guilt-free.

 Our work focused on:

  • Hiring and managing a team
  • Visioning & goal setting
  • Integrity & accountability
  • Overcoming doubt


In Maya's words...

"It was a nice mix of motivation, accountability and having [Jonathan] listen to me and what's important to me and holding me and seeing me as a big person that can actually do those things."


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