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Elan M. 

Serial entrepreneur. Founder of Deep Work Sprints.

When we first started working with Elan, he had a very full plate. He was juggling the priorities of two businesses and multiple stress-related health issues. 

In the first few months of working together, we worked to gain crystal clarity on where he wanted to spend his time and energy and what he wanted to create with his newfound focus. 

Clear, guilt-free prioritizing, restoring integrity and creating systems to have work (and life) flow more freely were the key to having Elan 10x his client base and enjoy it in the process. 

Our work focused on:

  • Visioning & strategic planning
  • Time management
  • Managing doubt
  • Creating balance
  • Integrity & accountability


In Elan's words...

"For those thinking about working with Laura, jump in and get started. I hired laura to help me find more focus and flow with my work, and what I got was sooo much more. I was in the process of overcoming a serious chronic fatigue issue which was slowly moving forward with doctors recommendations but when I started working with Laura I didn't want to pay attention to it. By our our 3rd session she gave me some tips that took my recovery from 25% to 95%. She has a way to dig deep on what's at the heart of the challenges I'm facing. She always brings her A game and expects that from me. We move fast, and I've had lots of results to show for this. Better health, better focus and flow in my work. The biggest thing that makes Laura an amazing coach is how much she genuinely cares about her clients. Her level of integrity and consistancy is something I haven't seen in many people (and I know lots of people and coaches). I think she's one of the best people I ever met at being able to hold space for what I've been going through without feeling judgement, and demaning the best parts of me to show up to solve the situation."


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