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Steven N. 

Yogi. Entrepreneur. Recovery Coach.

When we started working with Steven, all of the classic early-stage entrepreneurial mindset blocks were there. Imposter syndrome, fear of failure and doubt wreaked havoc on Steven's progress and motivation. 

In our time working together, Steven was able to create an inspiring vision, get super clear on his values and began to intentionally align his business and his life to a sense of purpose.

Having the support of a coach supported him to establish a successful business as a recovery coach. He also built more confidence by learning how to celebrate and acknowledge his wins.

Our work focused on:

  • Visioning & goal setting
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Creating sustained motivation
  • Celebration & acknowledgement


In Steven's words...

"The most powerful part of my coaching experience with Laura was linking my business goals to my core values. I now have way more clarity on what I want to achieve and how to align those goals to my bigger vision. I also loved the way Laura brings celebration into her coaching - it taught me how to bring more recognition and acknowledgement to my successes and accomplishments. This process improved my confidence and satisfaction"


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