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Impact Zero

Digital Opportunity Trust

The Impact Zero Foundation

Toronto, Canada

Impact Zero is a foundation and business network committed to educating, activating and supporting stakeholders in the Toronto circular economy. 

When Impact Zero first approached Level 7 Leadership, they were a young organization that was committed to connecting circular businesses and educating corporates through in-person and online events. 

Despite the obvious challenges around process, people and capital that a startup foundation faces, they were clear that leadership skills and personal development would be a critical success factor for their members.

In partnership, we have run several events to support circular entrepreneurs to build the skills necessary to navigate building businesses with a triple bottom line.

Since our first engagement with IZ, we have continued to partner and have watched the organization grow to a team of 12. They have also launched The Impact Project Accelerator, a circular business accelerator to support entrepreneurs in the pre-seed stages of business; Laura acts as an executive leadership coach for that initiative



Founder, Erin Andrews, shares her thoughts...

"Working with Level 7 Leadership has been really fun for me as an entrepreneur who has received coaching but also running events with L7L! They always bring so much energy and thoughtfulness to everything they do, which totally aligns with our values as an organization!"


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